Scientific & Medical Communication

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Previously Insight Medical Communications (established in 1996), now Bingham Mayne and Smith Ltd (from 2005).

Our team consists of a network of skilled professionals. Our team has a vast amount of experience and expertise working in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Our highly motivated and qualified team are matched to meet your project’s needs. Our background helps us to understand your goals.

With our unique skills and experience in the international healthcare arena, we understand our client's needs and are able to provide customized medical communication, education, training, key messaging and thought-leader profiling solutions.

We work on large and small projects, globally and locally.

Why use us?

                     ... Because we care
                                                        ... and we’re good at what we do!

About us

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We bring together:

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Driving change through knowledge

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Your scientific and real-word data is key to advancing medical knowledge and understanding.

The communication of information is as critical as the development of data.

Keeping up-to-date with medical advances is crucial for improving patient care.

New findings on molecular biology, diseases, treatments, and diagnostics need to be effectively communicated to healthcare professionals to keep them at the forefront of advances in healthcare.

We assist in the process of effective healthcare communication, by helping our clients disseminate new findings and scientific information to targeted audiences.

We help translate data into educational information to improve medical understanding and to drive better outcomes in clinical practice.

We work with your team and faculty members to promote the delivery of high-quality educational material, empowering healthcare professionals to make informed treatment decisions that will benefit patients.

We provide insight-led, data-driven medical communication services, that support medical education and key product messaging.

We can help you save time, meet deadlines and achieve objectives to effectively communicate scientific evidence, to your target audience.

We prepare and deliver projects in clear, concise and accurate frameworks and will always deliver to-deadline and on-budget.

Our goal is to assist you in delivering key findings in a timely, cost-effective, accurate manner, and in doing so facilitate our universal goal of excellence in healthcare

Bingham Mayne & Smith is a medical communication company that provides high-quality medical communication, medical writing, education, training, key messaging, thought-leader mapping, and event management services.

 We work both globally and locally, providing a rapid, reliable and targeted service.

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Why use us?

We have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals and save you time.


… And we care …

  • We care about your project
  • We care about advancing medical knowledge
  • We care about improving healthcare
  • We care about helping HCPs and patients
  • We care about your success
  • We care about providing value
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