We can help you save time, meet deadlines and achieve objectives to effectively communicate scientific evidence, to your target audience.


Our goal is to assist you in delivering key findings in a timely, cost-effective, accurate manner, and in doing so facilitate our universal goal of excellence in healthcare. We prepare and deliver projects to-deadline and on-budget.


We work on large and small projects, both globally and locally. We provide a rapid, reliable and targeted service.


Our clients include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academics, universities, healthcare professionals, publishers and medical journals editors, medical communication companies, societies and organizations, CME providers, CROs, the medical device industry and diagnostic companies, clinics and hospitals.

About us

We work throughout the world, working on inernational or local projects.







About BM&S

BM&S provides effective healthcare/medical communication services, training & education, regulatory and R&D writing support.



Medical communication and education


We help translate scientific data into educational information to improve medical understanding and to drive better outcomes in clinical practice.


We work with your team and faculty members to deliver high-quality educational material, empowering healthcare professionals to make informed treatment decisions that will benefit patients.


We provide insight-led, data-driven medical communication services, that support medical education and highlight key scientific points.



Regulatory and R&D writing support


We deliver accurate, clear and concise regulatory and R&D documents.


We can understand, anticipate and support the client with their product - from development and througout the product's lifecycle. 


Our team

Our team consists of a network of skilled professionals with extensive experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical communication companies, CROs, medical publishing, and the healthcare arena. 


We provide tailor-made solutions for our clients, to enable the effective communication of scientific concepts, treatments and disease management.


Our team members are life science graduates, many of whom possess advanced degrees (including MDs, PhDs, Masters, etc.). Numerous team members also have further certification in areas specific to the work we do (e.g. CMPP, etc).


We match our highly motivated and qualified team to meet your project’s needs.


We provide a trusted support service that you can rely on.

Working together